otafuku x medetai

220 east 9th street new york, ny 10003

Tel: (646) 998-3438

Sun - Thu 12PM - 10PM
Fri & Sat 12PM - 11PM

cash only

take out & out-of-the-cold-and-rain standing counter

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Otafuku, the Goddess of Mirth,
is our symbol not only because she looks like one awesome lady
but also because she brings happinessinto people’s lives.
We hope our authentic, Japanese street food will
make you smile the way she does.



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8 Great New Versions of Okonomiyaki
New York Magazine September 2014

East Village entrepreneur Bon Yagi might not have introduced okonomiyaki to New York when he started serving the savory Japanese cabbage pancake at his street-food shack,
Otafuku, in 2000, but he certainly popularized it. ..Read more


Chopsticks NY

The King and Queen of
Japanese Street Food in One Place
Chopsticks NY Vol. 83 March 2014

If takoyaki (a ball-shaped pancake stuffed with octopus) is the king of Japanese street food, the queen must be taiyaki (a fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste). Serving takoyaki, okonomiyaki (savory pancakes with assorted toppings) and yakisoba (stir-fried egg noodles), Otafuku, in the East Village, has long been a favorite destination of locals.

At its new location on the same block—just a few stores
down––the Japanese snack stand has changed its name to Otafuku x Medetai and expanded its space and menu. The new menu includes the first authentic taiyaki available in New York, lovingly named “Medetai”..Read more

New York News

A taste of Japan in Manhattan's Little Tokyo
By KERRY DREW, @KerryDrewFox5
March 4th, 2014

At Otafuku on East 9th Street in the East Village, the specialty is a kind of Japanese street food called takoyaki, which translates to grilled octopus balls.

"We were the pioneers of bringing Japanese street food to New York City," says Sakura Yagi, manager of Otafuku.

And for dessert there's metetai, a doughy crepe with sweet fillings.

"We offer two different flavors," Yagi says. "One is red bean, very traditional, and the other is hazelnut chocolate and banana."...Read more


takoyaki (6pcs)
original ...$7
grilled octopus balls that are crispy on the outside, soft & doughy on the inside. slathered with our special sauce, topped with ribbons of mayonnaise & garnished with big flakes of dried bonito

red bean ...$3
hazelnut chocolate & banana...$3
sweet, crispy & fluffy. hand-held snack shaped like a red snapper,
which symbolizes happiness. filled to the fins with sweet red bean or
hazelnut chocolate & banana

okonomiyaki (2pcs)
pork or shrimp ...$9
savory pancakes with crunchy cabbage & a variety of fresh ingredients.
special sauce, mayo and ‘dancing' bonito flakes for garnish

combo A
takoyaki + medetai

with red bean medetai ...$9.50
with hazelnut chocolate & banana ...$9.50

combo B
takoyaki + okonomiyaki (shrimp or pork, 1pc)...$11

combo C
takoyaki + yakisoba ...$14.50

combo D
yakisoba + okonomi (shrimp or pork, 1pc)...$12

Water $1
Coke $2
Calpico, Rumune $2.25
Green tea, Oolong tea, Jasmine tea $2.50
Bikkle,Yuzu lemon $2.95

Job Opportunities: Food Service Manager, NYC, Direct & coordinate activities of Japanese restaurant including worker training, supervision of kitchen and service staff, food purchasing, quality control, customer relations accounting exp. in position or 1 yr. exp in Japanese food purchasing related position. Must be fluent in Japanese.
Send resume to Tokyo Mama Inc, 230 E9 Street 3, NY, NY 10003 Attn:HIRING